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Karen Dings Dude's Car Door, Tries To Flee The Scene, Gets Recorded

Oh that's just a plain old nasty move there, Karen.
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Woman expects five free hours of parking, gets rejected, and then calls the police.

Woman Expects Five Free Hours Of Parking, Gets Rejected, Calls The Police

The nerve on this one.
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A company tries to skip out on paying their employees OT, and it ends up completely backfiring for them.

Company Tries To Skip Out On Paying Employees OT, Completely Backfires

Serves them right.
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Band won't pay music producer, they get rightful comeuppance.

Band Won't Pay Music Producer, Band Gets Rightful Comeuppance

Best to pay those dues.
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Tenant refuses to pay rent while living in trailer, so landlord "moves" into trailer.

Tenant Won't Pay Rent, Landlord Snaps, "Moves In"

That went from 0 to 100.
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creepy yet legal things

Things That Are Highly Creepy But Totally Legal

Don't do em, but still.
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An apartment manager makes a tenant's life miserable, so the tenant helps the apartment manager lose half the neighborhood's income.

Apartment Manager Makes Tenant's Life Miserable, Tenant Helps Them Lose Half Of Neighborhood's Income

Serves them right.
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bicycle wtf engineering Taiwan amazing jet engine illegal - 107351041

Dude Builds Jet Engine Bicycle, It Works

Alright that's pretty cool.
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Neighbor tells a grandpa to mind his own business, and it almost ends up costing him part of his yard and a car.

Neighbor Tells Gramps To Mind His Own Business, Costs Him Most Of His Yard And Car

Neighbor got exactly what he asked for.
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Karen lies to get out of an eviction, so landlord goes ahead and digs up terms of her old lease to get bigger payout.

Karen Gets Evicted, Lies About Her Eviction, Landlord Uses Old Lease To Win In Court

It's like Karen didn't even try.
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Process servers describe their most bizarre scenarios while serving people.

Process Servers' Most Bizarre Scenarios Serving People

Process servers see it all.
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A belligerent neighbor damages a family's car, refuses to own up, and then it backfires terribly.

Belligerent Neighbor Damages Family's Car, Refuses To Own Up, Backfires Terribly

Get a load of this guy.
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friend throws tantrum when friend refuses to travel with their mysterious package

Friend Demands Friend Travel With Mysterious Package, Throws Tantrum Over Privacy

Yeah, that's not a super awesome idea.
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A manager forces their employee to get a sick note even though it's illegal to do so, so the doctor maliciously complies.

Manager Forces Employee To Get Sick Note Even Though It's Illegal, Doctor Maliciously Complies

Well played by the doctor.
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An invasive neighbor starts a literal war over some tree droppings, and it ends up going terribly for him.

Invasive Neighbor Starts War Over Tree Droppings, Ends Terribly For Him

Yep, seems about right.
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The city gives a man trouble over his property line, so he responds by building a bar out of revenge.

City Gives Man Trouble Over His Property Line, Man Builds Revenge Bar

Way to go, Carl.
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