HOA illegally fines homeowner, loses in court

HOA Karen Illegally Fines Homeowner, Gets Taken Down in Court

Heck yeah.
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things that feel illegal but are legal

Painfully Relatable Things That Feel Illegal To Do But Aren't

Just go ahead and do it.
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funny parking story

Parking Enforcement Issues Unreasonable Fine, Gets A Mouthful Of Their Own Medicine

How the tables turn.
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times people realized something was illegal

Times People Had "Wait, That Was Illegal" Moments

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Owner of daycare threatens employee and writes them up for discussing their pay

Owner Illegally Writes Up Daycare Worker For "Discussing Salary", Threatens Them if They Talk

What a horrible boss.
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Viral TikTok teaches about tax liens and buying homes from financially struggling people, comment section discusses ethics vs business

Viral TikTok Explains How to Buy Homes From People Who Couldn't Pay Their Taxes and Sparks a Heated Debate About Ethics in the Comments

Is it immoral to swipe a home from a struggling household or is it just business?
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Management cancels overtime pay, IT files lawsuit after logging work hours | Posted by u/jbanelaw Manager Company Policy Is Do NOT Pay Overtime Tech Sure, OK, Whatever Epic Sometimes as consultant get see an office functions an outsider perspective. Since are an independent contractor company treats differently than an employee. Also, just due nature contract work engagement is usually short term. This makes temporary fixture and sometimes are just treated as fly on wall

Management Illegally Bans Overtime Pay, IT Gets It All Back

Never mess with IT.
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childcare daycare antiwork great resignation teacher illegal big quit preschool - 16196613

Preschool Teacher Reveals Owner’s Predatory and Illegal Employment Practices to the Kid's Parents

Sounds like something the IRS might be interested in.
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unethical things bosses asked employees to do

Unethical Things People's Bosses Asked Them To Do

Uh, what if I don't do that?
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An escalating feud between dad and brother results in brother's ultimate arrest.

Escalating Feud Results In Dad Engineering Brother's Arrest

The uncle sounds like an absolute handful.
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Neighbor steals man's water and power, so man hatches a brilliant revenge. | r/ProRevenge u/OlderSparky 1d Join 1 2 12 e 10 3 24 1 8 13 NaCI NacI NaCI NaCl, hey hey hey, goodbye Sparkies Tale This is bit read, hey title will make sense at some stage promise explain some stuff as go, but as always, there's Glossary at end. Some years ago working FiFo (Fly Fly Out) at mine.

Neighbor Steals Man's Power And Water, Nuclear Revenge Ensues

Bill shouldn't have played games.
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things you can do that are weird but totally legal

Completely Legal But Extra Weird Things That One Can Do

Wanna freak some people out?
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The city gives a man trouble over his property line, so he responds by building a bar out of revenge.

City Gives Man Trouble Over His Property Line, Man Builds Revenge Bar

Way to go, Carl.
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A funny Tumblr thread about how people steal stuff by having complete confidence.

Tumblr Thread: Ridiculous Cons People Pull Off Through Complete Confidence

Confidence takes those conmen a long way.
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FAIL cringe Awkward criminal ridiculous illegal karen - 2775046

Karen Dings Dude's Car Door, Tries To Flee The Scene, Gets Recorded

Oh that's just a plain old nasty move there, Karen.
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Woman expects five free hours of parking, gets rejected, and then calls the police.

Woman Expects Five Free Hours Of Parking, Gets Rejected, Calls The Police

The nerve on this one.
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