Customer changes their phone password, and then thinks that their phone's dead. | r/talesfromtechsupport u/E_n_z_z_o changed my password and my phone died did do Short work Technical Support call center major smart phone manufacturer and received following call last night. C Customer H Customer's Husband M 3D M: thank calling major phone manufacturer, my name is OP can help ?

Customer Changes Phone Password, Thinks Phone's Dead, Asks For Manager

Some people are truly lost.
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annoying obnoxious people

18 New Obnoxious Things People Do

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Overjoyed Man Live Tweets Epic Experience Breaking Up With Internet Provider

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Consumer Culture at Work

funny memes election day vs black friday
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bathroom drunk iPhones Video - 75360001

If You Leave Your Phone in the Bathroom, These Drunk Mates Might Find it

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And Forgive Us Our Text Messages

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Created by jc2581

Good Customer Service Still Trumps Planned Obsolescence

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Never Demonstrate How Tough a Phone Case Is With YOur Own Phone Inside

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The Old John Hancock...

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Created by InnerFlame

Just Wants To Get His D Wet

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Please for the Love of God ENTERTAIN ME

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I Think Siri is Having a Stroke

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It Was REALLY Upsetting

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Thanks, That Was Just What I Needed

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iPhones fapping - 7130349824
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