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Woman tells story about how boss's new dress code has her walking in an uncomfortable dress and high heels, so she lets her feet bleed to prove a point.

Boss Requires Staff to Wear Heels All Day, Bartender Proves Extreme Point

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Last Train to Fashion Sense

cross dressing high heels - 6661580800
Created by Yoav Shany (credit for the picture goes to Yanet Alfonso)

Only Those With Great Dental Can Afford These

shoes fashion wtf teeth high heels - 8015553024
Created by Unknown

Sometimes men want to be taller and uncomfortable too

high heels uncomfortable shoes - 5439012096
Created by zeircei

Not Exactly Beach Footwear

beach high heels poorly dressed g rated - 8257471744
Via Acid Cow

If You Can Run in Them, More Power to You

gym shoes nike high heels poorly dressed sneakers g rated - 8169509632
Via a885

Every Heel Needs a Helper

shoes fashion high heels poorly dressed g rated - 8016886528
Created by Unknown

Need to Fix Your Broken Heel? Nailed it!

fashion shoes nails high heels - 8017055488
Created by Unknown

Cute Heels Are Always a +2 to Your Charisma (When Not Moving)

shoes fashion comic high heels poorly dressed g rated - 8002127360
Via eunnieboo

High Heels To Die For

fashion shoes high heels skulls - 7890967040
Created by Unknown

Running in Heels? Just Do It

shoes fashion nike high heels g rated poorly dressed - 7887175936
Created by Unknown

DI-Why Did You Do That With Duct Tape?

shoes fashion DIY high heels duct tape poorly dressed g rated - 7857884416
Created by Unknown


feet high heels funny - 7558625280
Created by Unknown


fashion superheroes high heels poorly dressed g rated - 7317412608
Created by Unknown

Are Those Street Legal?

wtf spikes high heels - 7376526848
Created by Unknown

Well This is Different

dogs pantyhose high heels poorly dressed g rated - 7240403968
Created by Unknown
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