Story of a guy who lost his roommates laptop and commenters tell him he's in the wrong | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/aitathrowway6031 1 day ago AITA hiding my friends laptop because he imposed restrictions on my house? Asshole know title sounds bad but please hear out. This is my first year college. Everything is working out fine EXCEPT my roommate. Ever since moved here just can't stand him. Why can write whole story about why despise this person but don't wanna keep this long so will just

Guy Loses Roommate's Laptop, Still Doesn't Think He's at Fault

The internet let him know.
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Pokémon quiz hiding - 252935

Can You Find Which Pokémon are Hiding Around the World?

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Awkward texting hiding - 74856449

When You're Ignoring Someone's Text But They See You In Public

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Thigh Gap with a Bottle Cap

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beer hiding - 73265153

The Real Underground Hipster Brew

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Are Your Kids Like This?

tumblr kids parenting hiding g rated - 8416885248
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They'll Never Find Me Here

kids parenting mess hiding - 8321316608
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I Don't Want to Serve You, Customers

customer service hiding retail - 4098093056
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Always Remember Where You Hide Things...

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No One Will Find Me Here

box hiding monday thru friday - 8376002560
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This Bar Must Make a Ton of Money

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They're Always in the Last Place You Look

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I Wonder Where He's Hiding...

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They're Both a Little Shy

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They'll Never Find Me Here

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You Always Need a Good Hiding Spot

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