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Twitter Expresses the Pain of Forgetting Your Headphones at Home

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You Can't Stop a R347 L337 iPhone 7 H4CKZ0R Apple

funny twitter image iphone 7 headphone hack parody
Via @JoyrexJ9

So Was Harambe, But Now They're Both Gone

funny twitter image old enough to remember apple ads were based on headphones
Via @aaronwiener

The "Pass the Aux Chord" Meme Might Become a Thing of the Past Thanks to iPhone7

image memes headphones The "Pass the Aux Chord" Meme Might Become a Thing of the Past Thanks to iPhone7
Via jakessins

This Battery Never Holds A Charge

Via cdn2

Hang on, What are You Listening to?

Music coat hangers headphones funny - 7574201856
Created by bruce

She's Already Paid Her Dues

headphones grandma grandparents parenting - 7892760832
Via Pleated Jeans

Bad Battery My Ass!

battery bluetooth headphones headset - 6460421888
Created by Unknown

Headphones Salvage

headphones - 6724757504
Created by Unknown

Forget it, Time to Give Up on Headphones

Via ser1992

It Might Be Wise to Invest in Wireless Headphones

monday thru friday gifs headphones g rated - 8413808128
Via theCHIVE

Somebody Turn the Bass Up in These Porkchops

headphones engrish knockoff - 8336357888
Via Acid Cow

Your Comment, Somehow, Made it 20% Less Cool

kids these days headphones - 8300151296
Created by Hammyhams

Your Taste in Music is Horrendous!

baby headphones expression parenting g rated - 8177526272
Via RatchetSnobbery

It's a Shame Those Earbuds Are so Weak and Quiet...

genius headphones - 8054164480
Created by Unknown

We've All Been There

headphones justin bieber - 7999916800
Created by Unknown
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