Harry Potter

russia wtf Harry Potter voldemort dumbledore Video - 83493121

Watch Dumbledore and Voldemort Duel amidst a Ridiculous Train Ride with Some Very Confused Muggles in the Background

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Harry Potter sword Video win - 83417601

Watch These Master Swordsmiths Recreate the Sword of Gryffindor

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twitter news Harry Potter jk rowling reactions Johnny Depp - 1097477

Johnny Depp's Joining 'Fantastic Beasts' and the Fans Aren't Too Pleased About It

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Fantastic Beasts and Emojis

Harry Potter - 8986653440
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Donald Trump seven horcuxes

Internet Strings Together an Alarmingly Plausible Theory about Donald Trump Having 7 Horcruxes

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geek Harry Potter birthday Party DIY win - 1070597

If You Ever Wanted Inspiration to Throw a Magical Surprise Party, This Hogwarts Birthday Bash Has it All

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Harry Potter list sexy times - 1046021

We Solemnly Swear You'll Be Up to No Good With These Sexy Harry Potter Look-a-Like Photos

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geek Harry Potter list gift cute wedding DIY win dating - 1027077

Every Romantic Harry Potter Fan is Going to Want to Make Their Own Pensieve Gift

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Harry Potter list Memes - 973829

Some People Chose Their Own Patronuses and They Are Much Better Than the Real Ones

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J.K. Rowling Is Forced to Point Out That Harambe Is Not a Patronus

image harambe harry potter J.K. Rowling Is Forced to Point Out That Harambe Is Not a Patronus
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Harry Potter Video tldr - 81751297

This Video Sums up the Whole Harry Potter Series in Two Minutes

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Baby Potter

baby Harry Potter parenting - 8820764928
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geek news Harry Potter jk rowling Video magic - 81044993

Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling Releases New Ilvermorny Story and Video

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twitter Harry Potter weather puns Video - 234759

This Weather Reporter Is Sirius About Her Harry Potter Puns

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Just Goes to Show That Even a Hogwarts Degree Doesn't Mean that Much Now

Even a Hogwarts Degree Doesn't Mean that Much Now
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A Little Mommy Magic Will Fix You Right Up!

Harry Potter kids parenting mom crying - 8797643008
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