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'Non action and stop excitement': 20 Garbled signs that almost make sense

Creating a sign shouldn't be this difficult. We can't all be sign experts! And sometimes you need a quick sign ASAP. So you scribble one out with a marker, and carry on with your day. Sometimes the sign-maker is a bad speller. Others simply got too creative with the placement of each word, making it nearly impossible to figure out what the flyer is trying to say. People captured photos of these signs found out in the wild. Some say these posters and flyers are still up today, haunting the walls…
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How I quit my job at a gas station

'You work for your hours!': Employee quits after reading demanding manager's note

This note was the last straw for one fed-up gas station employee! As shared to r/antiwork, the OP, u/GlitteringSpell5885, shared an eye-opening note from management . Along with sharing the note, which got lightly roasted in the comments , the OP also answered a few of the commenter's questions to add context to the situation. As the OP wrote, the manager felt she was entitled to talk down to the young employees who worked at this gas station . Clearly, the tone of the note struck a nerve with…
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Kid's Failed Attempt to Sign a Permission Slip Has the Internet Rolling

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If You've Got the Talent, Use it!

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Are You Some Kind of Handwriting Wizard?

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I'll Get Right On It

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Useless Talent WIN

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Part of the MCAT is a Writing Comprehension Test

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Penmanship WINner

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