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'We probably got 30 meals free': Friend group cheats the system at a fast-food chain and gets a massive haul of free food

Who doesn't love a good promo deal at a fast-food chain? The infamous fofofo from Wendys was the only thing we ever ate in college. And who can forget the epic Pizza Hut buffet back in the day? Legendary. Remember those Halloween days when you'd throw on a costume to score free Chipotle? Or maybe a cow suit for some Chik-Fil-A action? I know it wasn't just me. People are all about those wallet-friendly wins. And speaking of winning, this crew of pals took this concept to the next level by maste…
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Facebook scammer gets trolled by a guy's friend after hacking his Facebook.

Guy Trolls Stupid Facebook Hacker In Merciless Fashion

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Getting into Airport Lounges Has Never Been Easier Thanks to This QR Code Hack

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Hacked IRL: That's Worth More Than The Diploma

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Hacker Trolls ISIS Supporters by Making Their Twitter Accounts as Gay as Possible

image hacked irl twitter Hacker Trolls ISIS Supporters by Making Their Twitter Accounts as Gay as Possible
Via @WauchulaGhost
castle Office hacked irl cardboard Video win - 77618945

Defend Yourself From Those Post-Holiday Blues in a Clever Cardboard Cubicle-Castle

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Or Just Run DMC it

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Proper Adventure Time Street Art

Via Aser121

Nuh Uh That's Definitely Galaga

Via awkwardjeff

Congratulations on Being the Worst Parker of the Year!

Via amel_topalovic

Next Level Street Art

Via dojosnail

If Only :(

Via distinguishedbaloney

This Displeases Immortan Joe

Via Acid Cow

"Yeah, I've Got a Sweet Ride"

Via Acid Cow

You Can't Just DRIVE Carefully Into This Place!

Via Acid Cow

Peeking Out of the Water

Via Hula
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