tifu guy falls from abandoned building

Sometimes You Have to Learn a Lesson the Spider-Man Way

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So Smooth

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The Rare and Short Joy of the Beginner Pokémon Trainer

Pokémon gym pokemon go - 8965150464
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Trying to Use Your At-Home Gym Like

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Your Body Might Be Ready For Summer, But Are Your Shins?

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Gotta Watch Out on that Box Jump, Bro

funny fail gif crossfit box jump
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Former NFL Punter Steve Weatherford Has the Best Response to Being Kicked Out of a Gym For His Brutal Workout Grunting

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If You Let Your Camera Spot You, You'll Only End Up With FAIL Footage

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Squats Going On, Bro? About an 855lbs Mess That's All

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Get Your Protein Shake and a Quick Work Out in By Twerking it Together

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What is Your Favorite Machine at the Gym? The Last Guy Knows...

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Unfortunately He's Only Packing Like a Greek God

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This Workout is a Breeze

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His Bulking Diet Now Includes Solids

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It's Three Weeks Into 2016 and Hopefully Your New Year's Resolution is Going Better Than Theirs

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Today's Gym Forecast Includes a Heavy Chance of Raining Weights

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