You better point that gun someplace else. Ahhhh you're just happy to see me no worries. This "pinnacle" of human achievement has defined the modern world ever since it's inception, so if you like you're firearms, lock and load and get ready to have a blast.

diving cool guns river wtf gun weird Video - 107439361

Diver Finds Cool Old Gun In River

Anyone missing one of these?
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angry dad demands kid hold gun without his permission

Entitled Dad Is Furious His Son Needs Permission To Hold Gun

Uh, okay man.
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ancient old FAIL Pirates of the Caribbean savage pirates gun roast bust stupid police - 8996101

Facebook Roasts Police Bust And Jack Sparrow-Ass Gun

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Man accidentally fires gun he thinks is not loaded on camera.

Guy FAILs At Weapon Safety While Reviewing A Gun

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accident gun gun safety safety shooting Video - 29809921

Children, However, Don't Have a Safety

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A Dangerously Stupid Selfie

FAIL mirror phone gun selfie - 8746732032
Via Avofoolery

"Shotgun"? No, that Would Just be Excessive

beer gun shotgun toy - 5918912000
Via Gearfuse

Feel Free To Hold On To Knife

gun mask robbery sign - 5968453120

Ghetto Kitty

gun hello kitty thug - 4823560192

Must Be a Percussion Instrument

toy gun instrument - 7818278400
Created by Unknown
gun science g rated School of FAIL - 53518337

Fully Automatic Gauss Gun

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This is My Rifle, This is My Gun

military thong gun - 7651721984

I've Been Shooting Beers All Night

beer koozie gun funny - 7523054336

It's a Bad Omen

school gun School of FAIL - 7130075648

How Dangerous

kids teachers gun idiots dangerous - 7132526080

Time for School!

school gun angry - 7042374400
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