Start strumming that guitar and they will come running. The guitar is one of those instruments that will just never be out of style, and will always be there to impress your less musically-gifted compatriots. So let's see that Paco de LucĂ­a impression and laugh a bit, can't hurt...much.

guitar Music percussion song washing machine lol musical drums funny - 107667201

Dude Performs "On The Road Again" Duet With Washing Machine

That's a real clean sound.
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low baller wants guitar neck changed but doesn't want to pay for it

Low Baller Wants Guitar Built, Doesn't Understand Why That Should Cost Money

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guitar cool Music awesome Video win - 106994177

22-Year-Old Guitar Player Is A Legend In The Making

Christone "Kingfish" Ingram is going places.
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musician plays a 14 string guitar

14-String Guitar Is 8 Better Than Normal Guitar

It's like watching someone play a hammock.
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Van Halen Animal impressions on guitar

Eddie Van Halen's Animal Impressions

Spot on.
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Stevie Ray Vaughn playing guitar

Stevie Ray Vaughn Plays Guitar And Shakes Fan's Hand

That's what mad skills look like.
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Rage Against The Machine On Slide Guitar

Montana Dude Rips Rage Against The Machine On Slide Guitar

Seriously well done.
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Old man does cool guitar solo.

An Old Man Shredding on Guitar

All right yeah this is kinda awesome.
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guitar dryer Music song lol silly funny Video musicians - 100570881

Musician Plays Song to Accompany His Dryer Jingle

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impressive guitar cool Music talented Video win - 99603713

Guy Alphabetically Tunes His Guitar, Still Riffs Like A Boss

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guitar awesome Theme Song Super Mario bros Video win - 518406

Shigeru Miyamoto Plays The Original Super Mario Bros Theme On Guitar

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This 13-Year-Old Destorying AC/DC's Thunderstruck on Acoustic Guitar Should Make Us All Ashamed for Even Looking at a Guitar

win video 13 year old guitar player
Via Wikimedia
guitar pickup lines dating - 82563073

This Dude Tracked Down the Cutest Chicks at ASU and Serenaded Them With a Guitar

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Give It Up, Dad

guitar kids parenting dad - 8803343872
Via distinguishedbaloney
guitar Music fire bass Video win - 80333825

Every Band Needs a Flamethrower Guitar and a Smoking Bass

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guitar Music song parenting talent Video - 78784001

30 Years Later Musician Makes a Song From His Childhood Bathtime Jam

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