It's Spelled Australia!

australia Germany geography austria failbook g rated - 7610398208
Created by Unknown

97 Nifty States

united states geography states - 4856181504
Created by Eric J. Carter

Good Ol' Malibu, FL!

california florida geography - 7572903936
Created by Sammie

What Continent Are We From Again?

europe continents geography failbook g rated - 4887801856
Created by Unknown

Pansylvania... Wait, Scratch That...

pennsylvania new york geography - 4899425536
Created by 159632

Your Spelling Makes Me Missourible

oregon geography states spelling funny us states - 7533951232
Created by Unknown

He's in the Wrong Class

anatomy old timey geography funny school g rated - 7515246848
Created by Unknown

Only in British Geography...

england geography UK funny fail nation - 7511199488
Created by Unknown

They're Close Enough to Each Other to Be the Same Country

great britain united kingdom england Ireland geography countries funny - 7515749632
Created by Unknown

Geography Denial

egypt denial geography funny - 4910622976
Created by VeryOddManOut

Cake With a Side of Geography

cake design globe geography funny g rated win - 7498354688
Via Geeks Are Sexy

American History 101

school history geography failbook g rated - 7486610944
Created by Unknown

Geography Class: The Last Frontier

alaska Italy family feud geography funny - 7474938624
Created by KittyHMommy

It's the North Pole

Canada united states america geography states funny us states - 4937714944

Deutschland, the Land of the Dutch

geography fail Germany geography countries failbook g rated - 7379367680
Created by DBCoop

Right Next to the Republic of Beverly Hills

hollywood geography countries - 4958638080
Created by kerrkerr