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Millennials Want to be Abducted by the 'Gameboy Mom' in Nostalgic '90s Police Video Warning Kids of Stranger Danger

"Gameboy mom woulda had me snatched up."
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Mom Confiscates Son's Gameboy as Punishment and Hides it.... For 18 Years

Mom loses gameboy when her hiding spot is too good.
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tumblr discusses ridiculous things about the pokemon games

Tumblr's Dissection of Pokemon's Probability System Is Maddening and Amazing

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DIY gameboy Video - 67102721

You Wish You Could Have Had a Sick Charizard Gameboy Like This Growing Up

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Where Do I Get a Dozen AA Batteries at the Beach?

towel design beach nerdgasm gameboy funny - 7686487040
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Hopefully This Birthday Cake Isn't a Dream

cake the legend of zelda nerdgasm birthday cake gameboy - 7486349568
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Gameboy WIN

Street Art nerdgasm graffiti hacked irl video games gameboy - 6975859968
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Cardboard Boy WIN

nerdgasm DIY video games gameboy cardboard - 6848273664
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True Player's Device WIN

nerdgasm video games gameboy pimp - 6724319232

Gameboy Watch WIN

design gameboy nerdgasm nintendo watch - 6233929216
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Toothpick Carving WIN

carving coin gameboy toothpick - 5976922880
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Gameboy Mod WIN

gameboy mario modification nerdgasm nintendo Super Mario bros video games - 5888105216

Lego Game Boy WIN

DIY gameboy lego modification nerdgasm video game - 5266341888
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