Meet Lexi, the 19-Year-Old "Protector" of Cops

Lexi Kozhevsky, a 19-year-old nursing student from St. Louis University, stood in front of cops on Monday night, claiming that she would rather be harmed rather than any harm befall the cops.

She also enjoys:

- Protecting Shell's oil rigs from protesters
- Protecting bankers while they foreclose on people's homes
- Defending EA with multiple shill accounts on Reddit
- Fall Out Boy

She's the hero nobody needs.

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Via B Mckean
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This video brings a whole new meaning to the word "freeze."

A Michigan man named Brandon McKean went out for a stroll on Thanksgiving, when a police officer approached him for "making people nervous."

So what exactly was he doing that was so suspicious? According to McKean's Facebook post:


McKean, who says he was just cold, is pretty upset about about the whole incident considering the situation in Ferguson, and both he and the cop captured the moment on video.

The cop tells him there's been a string of robberies in the area lately, and when he and asks McKean what he's up to, he responds: "Walking, with my hands in my pockets."

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Immediately following a grand jury's decision Monday night not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown, protests erupted all over the country from New York to Seattle.

In Ferguson, Missouri, where the original shooting took place, violence escalated fairly quickly with rioters looting and setting fire to local businesses.

Both Fox News and CNN were there in the middle of the action to report live on the chaos, and as you might expect, things got pretty crazy.

CNN's Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo were near the police HQ in the city when cops launched a tear gas canister in their direction forcing them off screen (see video above).

Lemon also was paid a visit from this guy, who interrupted his report to drop an F-Bomb about the network.

CNN's Stephanie Elam got trash thrown at her outside a McDonald's, and while clearly irritated, she took it all in stride saying that the tosser was "just having fun."

Things were worse for CNN reporter Sara Sidner who was hit in the head with a rock while in the middle of her broadcast about a fire at a nearby store, but she kept on reporting and told Jake Tapper "I've been hit with much worse in my day."

And lastly, Fox News briefly turned into Fawkes News, when a man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask appeared to knock out the camera during a report from Steve Harrigan before the connection cut out.