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Ironic, Misplaced and Absurd Shirts

Wear it on your sleeve.
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funny twitter thread enlarging collar using photoshop

Twitter User Promises Enlarged Collar In Exchange For Likes, It Gets Too Big

Ya know, normal stuff.
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A collection of tweets about how Irish people are totally ruthless when it comes to fashion.

Irish People Are Ruthless Fashion Critics (21 Tweets)

They're heartless.
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Tumblr story explains that all celebrity clothes are tailored to look good | inkdot This weekend told story which, although kind ashamed admit because holy shit is ever obvious, is kind blowing my mind friend friend won free consultation with Clinton Kelly Not Wear, and she very excited, because she has plus-size body, and wanted some tips on make most her wardrobe fashion culture which deliberately puts her body at disadvantage. Her first question him this do celebrities make plain white

Thread Explains Why Celebrities Always Look Better In Clothes

They're all getting their stuff tailored; it's not fair.
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Funny 80s nostalgia fashion pics | family portrait of three dad with a mullet mom in a fringe jacket and daughter in a denim vest | man in a pink suit posing by a car

80s Fashion Statements That Show Why We Moved On

What a strange time.
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ugly, strange, weird and stupid design fails | woman in a green snakeskin outfit carrying a regular purse inside a clear plastic purse | curtains that are white at the top and yellow at the bottom that look like cigarettes

Stupid, Ridiculous and Weird Design

Not every look can be pulled off.
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Weird, funny and extreme eyebrows | Leonid Brezhnev thick unibrow | Anzhelika Protodyakonova huge drawn eyebrows

Extreme Eyebrows that Pushed the Limits of Foreheads

You cannot stop fashion.
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Funny haircuts getting roasted with "say no more fam" meme | Barber want? Him need defeat Frieza Barber: Say no more STARECAT.COM man with bleached hair spiked up like a Dragon Ball character Super Saiyan | Barber want bro? Guy ever eat panini? Barber: Say no more fam

Questionable Hair Decisions Getting Roasted

"Say no more"
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Stupid and dirty clothes design fails | white socks NASA NATIONAL AERONSMITH AND SPACE | red shirt under jacket that appears to say ASS ASS AHAM ASS ASS ASS

Clothing Design Fails That Are Decidedly Unfabulous

Fashion has its limits.
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fashionable grandma at fashion week vogue photoshoot

Guys Get Grandma Featured In Vogue At Fashion Week

They pulled a fast one on the fashion scene.
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People wearing stupid, silly, weird and outrageous fashion.

Fashion So Forward-Thinking That Only The Most Chic Among Us Could Understand

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beauty products, awful ideas, sad models, fail products

21 Awful Beauty Products and the Sad Models to Go with Them

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amazing cosplayer beebinch

15 Awesome Pop Culture Cosplays That Aren't Just for the '90s Kids

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story about mean snobby coworker

Wannabe Fashionista Co-Worker Throws Shade, Ends Up Getting Ruined In The Process

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High Fashion fashion twitter news ridiculous funny - 8318981

Jared Leto Carries His Own Head To Met Gala, Twitter Loses It

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Funny Shirts

26 Clever Shirts That Are Actually Pretty Funny

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