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15 corporate fail images | thumbnail left "Walmart Saratoga Springs - Old Gick Rd 13 mins • · O Here at store Saratoga Springs, we have some pretty cool people. We would like to thank associate's name! Thanks for doing such a great job, associate's name. We appreciate #WalmartFamily you! Fine Jewelry Reusable Shopping 14 122 Proud Walmart* Associate ROBIN BARS ro" thumbnail right reebok ad "cheat on your girlfriend not your workout"

Corporate Fails To Laugh At While You Take A Two Hour Lunch Break

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This False Advertising Is Getting Out of Hand

free beer and great wifi
Via SavageHuxley

False Advertising is the Best Advertising

false advertising funny sign - 7901002496
Created by RobinBobcat

You Were Saying?

false advertising juice - 7829644288
Created by Unknown

Best. Pub Ad. Ev- Wait, No!

false advertising - 7790936832
Created by Memebez ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

I Hate False Advertising

beer sign false advertising funny - 7752342272
Created by Plain-Lazy

I Trusted You!

false advertising - 7582927872
Created by Unknown

This OJ Has an Identity Crisis

false advertising orange juice funny monday thru friday g rated - 7373142272
Created by Unknown

Why Must Bad Things Happen to Good People?

false advertising signs - 7383369472
Created by Unknown

Well, Technically it's True

labels false advertising - 7159215872
Created by Unknown

Yes... YES... Awwww....

bar false advertising free stuff lady bits sexy times sign - 5887845120
Created by Unknown

I'm Not Sure I'd Want To Play For An Angry, Misled Audience

angry beer drinking false advertising lies show - 5672254464
Created by Unknown

Size Expectation FAIL

electronics failboat false advertising g rated ipod Music product speakers - 4826574080
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