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FAIL fail nation social media stupid - 6555909

8 Times People Stained The Internet With Mindless Stupidity

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Hail Christmas!

christmas fail nation g rated - 8402734080
Via Fail Nation
basketball facepalm Video sports fail nation classic - 68833537

This Middle School Basketball Player Just Got Blocked By the Cruelty of Life

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news fail nation parenting money Video Father - 77652225

After Their Father Shredded Thousands of Yen, This Couple Spent Months Piecing it Back Together

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gender tantrum kids fail nation cute parenting pregnant Video - 76124673

This Big Sister Would Rather Have a Meltdown Than Another Baby Brother

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funny Video g rated fail nation - 56416513

These Two Are the Dumbest Criminals Ever, and Judge Judy's Quickest Court Case

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FAIL fail nation 4th of july Video - 73183745

Here Are the Best of the Worst Fails in July

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FAIL fail nation compilation Video - 73085953

Caution: Fails May Be Slippery When Wet

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Classy 7/11 FAIL

parenting convenience store what fail nation - 6667098368
Via Reddit

Always Low Prices, Never Car Insurance

whoops wal mart cars funny fail nation g rated - 7569723392
By Unknown
toys Cats Video fail nation - 59560193

This Toy Cat is the Stuff of Nightmares

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I Knew Something Was Wrong...

sign no duh swimming pool duh fail nation g rated - 6897638656
By Unknown

Corn on the Run, It's the Secret to Cardio

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funny Video karma fail nation - 50436865

You Weren't Supposed to U-Turn There!

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whoops Wait For It ice Video fail nation - 69236481

Big Dudes and Thin Ice, Never a Good Combo

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At Least this Drunk Thief Has the Right Idea

sign drunk bike theft fail nation g rated - 7463732992
By Unknown
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