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Guy Discovers Dora The Explorer Themed Gangster Car With Bullet Holes, In Junk Yard

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Guy’s Dora the Explorer Themed Junkyard Find Has Dark, Criminal Past

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People on Twitter troll Michael Bay after he announces that he'll be making a live-action Dora the Explorer movie.

Internet Trolls Michael Bay After He Announces Live-Action Dora The Explorer Movie

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At Least the Headrest Doesn't Spin Around?

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Dora Always Comes Through in an Emergency

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What Was Your Favorite Part of the Car Ride?

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Dora, Queen of the North

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For Advanced Readers

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Aww Man, WTF

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Take Dora With You Wherever You Go!

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When You're Watching Dora For the Hundredth Time...

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Look What Dora Found!

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Dora Sees All

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Thora the Explora

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Dora the Explora Meets the Border Patrola

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Eat Her Before She Eats You!

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