idiot on tinder gets wordy

Rejected Tinder Nincompoop Busts Out Thesaurus, Because He Is Very Smart and Virile

There's a bullet dodged.
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dodged bullet and close call stories

Freaky Close Calls That People Somehow Avoided

Uh, thanks fate.
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stories of times people barely dodged a bad situation | Freshman year college had calc class material had learned before, but various reasons they didn't give transfer credit. So skipped class quite frequently. Though usually slept one morning find myself awake at 8:30 and not really feeling like sleep. Might as well check on class and see 's going on midterm exam.

The Biggest Bullets People Dodged

That was close.
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quick scary miss wtf FAIL throwing freaky dodge axe dangerous reflexes - 96553729

Quick Woman Narrowly Dodges Hatchet Rebound

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Makeshift Windshield Wiper

windshield wiper dodge Walmart - 7038123008
Created by retahn

The Better Body Kit

body kit dodge - 6659967744
Created by Unknown

Just a Coat Hanger? That Ain't Safe!

board coat hanger dodge hanger minivan plank wood - 6301078784
Created by vanandel