diving cool guns river wtf gun weird Video - 107439361

Diver Finds Cool Old Gun In River

Anyone missing one of these?
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diving surprising awesome swimming dangerous Video win - 107134209

Nataliia Zharkova Completes Absolutely Bonkers Free Dive

Out of breath just thinking about this.
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crazy diving swimming ridiculous Video - 106934529

First Time Jumpers On A 10 Meter Tower

Well, they went for it.
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diving scary surprising ocean shark Video - 106371073

Massive Deep-Sea Shark Checking Out Our Submarine

Straight up, no thank you forever.
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diver encounters a giant anaconda snake underwater

Diver Has Crazy Encounter With Huge Anaconda

Hard pass on that.
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diving fail caught on camera

Diver Crashes Man's Seaside Video

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Scary diving stories | Specialist_Celery 36.2k points 13 hours ago E 8 4 6 22 More Diving day before hurricane on small south pacific island. Out nowhere black and white sea snake (venomous) wrapped itself around my arm. Apparently this happens time time before major storms- they can sense and look things are heading towards shore so they don't have put so much effort get out sea. As soon as shallows uncurled and headed up beach where hid under breadfruit tree thought going get bitten death by

Scary Things that Happened to Divers

Diving can get serious fast.
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A funny voice-over of a diving fail at the olympics.

Parody Announcer Narrates Diving Fail Better Than Any Announcer Could

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diving cool dogs pictures mindwarp mind blown awesome Perfect Timing perfectly timed optical illusion funny - 8441861

15 Accidentally Awesome Pics That Were Snapped at the Perfect Time

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diving FAIL cringe swimming painful Video - 433926

Man's Crazy High Dive Ends In Soul-Shattering Belly Flop

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diving FAIL pool painful funny Video - 218630

A New Take on the Bellyflop

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Sometimes You Just Need a Slip of Confidence

Via ABCXYZ123789
diving belly flop FAIL Video olympics - 264455

The Moment You've Waited For, An Olympic Belly Flop

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A Gold Medal Winner For FAILing

Via InOtterNews

Humping In The Deep End

Via Tumblr
Philippine diving team gets all zeros for NAILED IT fail worthy dives

Filipino Divers Score Perfect Zeros for Amazingly Awful Dives

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