absurd entitled people and their demands

Entitled People And Their Absurdly Irrational Demands

What a nightmare.
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entitled people and their dumb demands

Entitled People and Their Amazing Demands

Behold, the breathtaking requests!
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Entitled mom wants free seashells but can't get them so she freaks out | 'l leave them out now bag on doorstep, take them whenever. Shoot. Darn s about 40 minutes away don't suppose there's anyway could meet half way don't really leave area here as 8 months pregnant and with COVID going on. But if ever area just let know and if they're still available l'll leave them out

Entitled Mom Loses It Over Free Seashells

"I want them, so bring them to me."
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entitled people with big demands | Nextdoor KAREN Kelly Spotted 2 kids selling lemonade at stand without license. Looked anywhere between 7- 10 confronted these kids, and they told they did not have license. Both had brown hair. Parents, check with kids make sure are not compromising our local safety. |giuten-free-pussy know fact told this story on here be- fore but l'll never get over time working retail and cashing out some lady so asked "cash, debit or credit are paying, ma'am And she said

Entitled People and Their Goofy Demands

It never stops.
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guy angry that his free website isn't completely free and he has to pay for hosting and domain fees | Well given source code have buy own domain and hosting think given? 8:54 pm Bruh wtf is this joke s not call free, not even domain like seriously?

Dude Gets Free Website, Furious He Still Has to Pay for Hosting

Some folks have never heard of "quit while you're ahead"
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Guy leaves woman at bar, she freaks out, claims to be a rich model with personal body guards and accuses him of stealing | Jordan Yesterday way out league physically, mentally emotionally can't even believe this right now Never my life also model maxim.

Entitled Model Gets Ghosted, Cannot Handle It

This looks like a mess.
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entitled people with ridiculous demands | Share Housing Rooms Rent Hi everyone want buy house. There are 33000 people this group worked out if every person this group sends 15 will reach my goal 500000 15 each isn't much but all adds up. If donate will let come over and look at house once l've bought also thinking cooking some snags on BBQ my future back yard those who donate BYO alcohol If would like send more than $15 s okay. Please PM and will send my bank details. No tyre kickers please

Entitled People and Their Incredible Demands

Wonder if they made their goal?
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entitled people and their stupid demands | hey know its last minute but would be able make wedding cake by noon on Sunday can possibly fit something by Sunday but its going depend on interested getting Something like this but not big only expecting 300 people. Lol o wowww sorry 's gonna be impossible fit on such short notice. Ok l understand. Are sure? On TV they complete bigger cakes than this short time. Are beginner? Have good night |

Entitled Folks and Their Audacious Demands

"Make me a TV cake right now."
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Entitled people and their stupid excessive demands | feeling betrayed 1 hr O am LIVID seven months now 100 week hours are easy (9am-5pm, like regular f basically angels, they sleep most day anyway at this age. mas been babysitting job) and kids are get text her saying she's applying walmart and she "can't afford work anymore she's not paying anything PAYING HER mean afford have fun working longer hours LESS PAY ungrateful bitch do and now stuck without childcare. all daycares my area are super

Entitled Folks with Their Increasing Demands

The boldness never stops.
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Person has vegan wedding meal planned, uncle demands meat | Posted by u/AITAvegwedding AITA serving vegan food at my wedding? My fiance and are getting married June next year both vegans, and although don't judge those who are not vegan wanted serve vegan food at our wedding found vegan caterer sent out invitations added note saying food will be vegan also asked everyone who has any specific dietary requirements let us know note made clear anyone who needed specific

Uncle Can't Handle Vegan Meal At Wedding, Demands Meat Meal

It's one free meal, dude.
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Entitled influencer will trade exposure for wedding documentary, gets nothing | Wedding 10th April 2021 Good morning, My client is well known social media influencer who is planning be married at 2021 lead up her wedding, beginning this summer, she would like documentary style video (an hour long) and photos taken at bridal fittings which can be shared with her followers. On day wedding, she would like video documenting whole day (must be 1 hour length) and package includes

Influencer Demands Free Wedding Documentary, Gets Shut Down

Get outta here with that noise.
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ridiculous entitled people with excessive demands | Hello, is this still available? Hi, yep is. However do have an interested buyer let know! If they decide not will contact and let know. Thanks heaps keen Will pay $800 if have 19:27 Hi mate. Looks like might be luck. There another buyer before however if happy with $800 's yours. Okay well buyer pulled out then l'll only pay 650 800 offer u ignore him Hi mate, thv haven't pulled out l'm J Josition now where can pick who goes

Entitled People and Their Delusional Demands

Cool dude, great plan.
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Buyer wants to test drive car at 170 miles per hour | 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera 22,900 Owosso, MI Mark as Sold Mark as Paid Darrell bring cash with and want hit Express way and if dose over 170 got deal..sounds good? Darrell This Saturday works anytime Darrell like car want make sure will do over 170 l'm street racer.

Delusional Buyer Wants to Test Drive Car at 170 MPH

That's gonna be a no, boss.
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Customer wants a pound of wings, ends up getting less wings that equal a pound | Posted by u/advocatus_ebrius_est 20 hours ago Pound Wings? Ok got oc S worked as cook at chain restaurant had wing night' where could get pound wings at discounted price didn't actually weigh wings, our specs said eight wings pound. Four drums and four flats. One night table comes and everyone orders pound wings little while after wings go out server comes back little flustered and explains there has been complaint.

Customer Demands Exactly a Pound of Wings, Gets Less Wings

He got less than he bargained for.
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Entitled parent demands artist hide painting where they can find it, gets rude | set out little miniature bob ross paintings around my tourist town people find and have an Instagram specifically project post about towns tourist page and people frequently request paintings be put out on certain dates but this is first | Hey can put picture out front Disney resort somewhere on August 7 text and let inow time will work. THX Aw glad like them but prefer folks find them organically paint them is

Entitled Parent Demands Public Artist Make Piece for Them

Who would even think to try this.
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ridiculous entitled people and their stupid demands | SunBay Sunbay Cardamon Wooden Pool, 12.18 x 4.27 x 1.46 m Amazon Customer Reviewed United Kingdom on 5 May 2020 Empty Bought this and didn't come with water. Livid cost more fill than cost buy

Entitled Goofs and Their Absurd Demands

Oh, totally, it should say that the pool doesn't ship with thousands of pounds of water.
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