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twitter creative dark humor funny - 1939205

Hilarious Fairy Tale PR Disasters Is Our Favorite Thing to Happen To Twitter In a Long Time

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club penguin dark humor video games - 1820165

15 Craziest and Most Hilarious Things People Did To Get Booted Off Club Penguin

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heaping pile of dirty memes for the rest of us | trashy watching screen in your underpants on the toilet | internet switch with so many ethernet cables in it and picture of Riley Reid in pleasure

43 Amazingly Dirty Pics That Won't Fail To Tickle Your Dark-Humored Funny Bone

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school kids teacher dark humor funny - 1573381

Kid Thanks Teacher for Pushing Them to Achieve Their Goals In Unbelievably Dark-Humored Card

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Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

Via NinjaChemist
drawing kids parenting dark humor coloring - 1453061

17 Children's Drawings Robbed of Their Innocence After Being Colored By Perverted Adults

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funny sims memes

27 Times The Sims Was a Dark-Humored Goldmine of Weird and Hilarious Gems

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dark humor video games funny - 1357061

20 Times People Helped Make Club Penguin The Strange, Dark-Humored Laugh Factory That It Is

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Sad depressing parody college humor dark humor facebook Video - 83232257

Everyone Knows That One Guy Who Only Posts Sad Stories On Facebook

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I Love This Nursery Rhyme!

dark humor nursery rhymes - 6596074240

Their Writing is Illegible

celeb dark humor jokes - 5934963456


cooking dark humor I see what you did there - 5254641152
Created by yasmain1

Mass Deletions

dark humor hitler witty reply - 5252359424

Worst Pickup Lines Ever

dark humor pick-up lines witty reply - 5081097472
Created by iArielle


dark humor marketing sexual assault twitter Twitter Troubles - 5072758016
Via Neil Hamburger

He Killed Jokes, Too.

anne frank dark humor too soon - 4721357056
Created by Donovan
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