Cranky Guy Gets Mad At Lebron James For Taking Video Seflie With Him On NY Subway

The last thing that Lebron James was ready for when he playfully started recording some of him and teammates' ride on the NY subway after a shootaround, was for a fellow passenger to flip out on him for recording a selfie video together. Some people on Twitter are suggesting that the guy was kidding, but we're kind of thinking the dude was actually pissed. You'll notice he moves seats by the end of the video, after complaining to Lebron. 

Naturally, the trolls and Lebron James fans on Twitter, seized the moment and roasted the guy; going so far as to float a conspiracy theory that he was so pissed, cause he was being unfaithful to his SO. 

Cranky guy gets mad at NBA basketball player, Lebron James for taking a video selfie with him on the NY subway.
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