Video of guy putting whole can of corn back on cob

Dude Figures Out How Many Cobs are in a Can of Corn

And he does it the hard way.
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Guy's rooster Kyle makes him drop his corn and he swears at it.

Guy Has Strong Words for His Aggressive Rooster, Kyle

Dammit, Kyle.
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funny fails

18 Fulfilling Fails Fit for Failure Fans

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forbidden snacks inedible things that look tasty

25 Delicious Looking Objects That Are Definitely Not Food

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kindergarten mac and cheese corn class school kids thanksgiving childhood recipe cute Turkey book food classic funny children parenting - 7070725

Kindergarteners' Thanksgiving Recipes Are Disgustingly Charming

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hair corn FAIL Video - 79946753

This Is Why They Tell You, "Don't Try This at Home"

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Finally, a Website Where You Can Watch Some Hot, Steamy Corn

website april fools corn Finally, a Website Where You Can Watch Some Hot, Steamy Corn
Via @mashable
corn corn on the cob - 48023297

How to Eat an Entire Corn-on-the-Cob in 10 Seconds

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This Corn Maze Might Also Take 25 Years to Get Through

corn design the simpsons - 8306983680
Via chubbzzz90

That's the Third Time This Week!

monday thru friday corn soda fast food - 8188356096
Via The Berry

High Fructose Butthurt

corn marriage wife relationships art of trolling g rated win - 7712845312
Via Reddit

Maybe the Squirrels Are Genetically Enhanced Too

corn gmo failbook g rated - 7380503808
corn dinner corn on the cob crossbow g rated there I fixed it - 46264833

Fixing Dinner is Not a Corn-cern Anymore

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corn DIY food Video - 45185793

Eating Corn WIN

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Screw You, Corn!

corn corn on the cob screwdriver - 6696939008
Created by earowe

Ever Feel Like Sisyphus at Work?

corn escalator - 6580880896
Created by Unknown
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