cops ridiculous funny Video mouse - 86017281

Watch This Fearless Mouse Send a Scared Cop Running For His Life

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cops FAIL drunk spring break - 209926

Drunk Bikini-Clad Chick Hops on Cop's ATV, Starts Twerking, Gets Stonewalled

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cops brawl fight ridiculous Video - 85575425

Ratchet Chick Fight Breaks Out At IHOP, Heroic Cop Diffuses Chaos With Taser and Ruthless Attitude

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cops Video police - 85402113

Female Cop Caught on Video Giving Head to Fellow Police Officer In Patrol Car When They Receive Call About Robbery

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cops woman FAIL arrested dui - 1608197

Watch This Hot Busty Chick Do Cartwheels During DUI Stop, Still Manage to Get Arrested, and Proceed to Kick the Cop in the Dick

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cops fight robocop - 85250561

Make Your Day better By Watching These Two Cops Beat the Shit Out of Each Other

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This Is What Happens When You Don't Play Ball

girl finds out her boyfriend is running away from the police

Girl Gets Ghosted By Her Boyfriend, Finds Out Through Devastating Search It's Cause He Was On Run From Cops

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Step Dad of the Day: Cop Pulls Kid Over and Teaches Him To Tie a Tie

police officer pulls college kid over and teaches him to tie a tie
Via ABC News
cops Reddit funny law - 1191429

Cops Tell All When It Comes to the Most Ridiculous Excuses They've Heard from People Trying to Get out of Tickets

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cops FAIL arrest idiots stupid police officer police - 1164549

People Share the Stupidest Things They've Ever Said to a Police Officer, and Just, Wow

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Florida Woman Got This Apology Cake After Being Wrongfully Tased By Cop

funny fail image news florida woman gets tased by cop and then given apology cake
Via Pensacola News Journal

After This Guy Found out His Sister Had Been Killed in a Car Crash, He Got Help from One Truly Awesome Cop

Via Mark Ross

So Reliable

cops twitter police - 8819520000
Via @nickmullen

Dangerous Walking

cops twitter - 8806395904
Via PhilaBCoulter
cops kids parenting dad police - 80486145

6-Year-Old Snitch Calls the Cops After His Dad Ran a Red Light

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