Attack of the Daves!

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Created by sweepingrose

Tumblr Feeds Make Their Own Gold, Sometimes

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Mistaken Identity!

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Created by isaac088

Call Off the Search!

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Did You Two Coordinate This?

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Something About This Log Fills Me With Dread for a Rapidly-Changing Technological and Social Structure

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No relation to the Football Player, Unless He Was Also Taken Down by Drug Charges

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There's Funny Business Afoot...

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Created by Tomoyuki Tanaka

Watson Does Not Approve

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Coincidence of the Day

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No Relation, We Swear

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Between the Two of Them, a Full Head of Hair

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Where do I Put My Application?

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These Two Total Strangers Are Voice Doppelgangers

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This Little Coincidence Saved a Lot of Money in Repairs

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Pretty Sure This Means Your Car Gets a Prize

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