Woman's Twitter thread on real Time Travel Jesus Assassination movie | Laura Robinson @LauraRbnsn 14h There is deadly serious Christian action movie about Muslims who invent time travel so they can go back time and kill Jesus so he can't die our sins and course my husband bought because he's an actual monster. Q 87 2727 444 Laura Robinson @LauraRbnsn 14h My husband finds this hilarious have cringed myself back injury which will never recover. 04 109 Laura Robinson @LauraRbnsn 14h As an adult con

Woman Gives Synopsis of Jesus Time Travel Assassination Movie

Oh lord.
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Tumblr discussion on diluting holy water | Here's jug Pope water looks like. Mom measured fill line on them so never accidentally run out. shelf with cleaning supplies and a jug of water labeled with a marker. same jug on a chair.

Tumblr's Short Discussion on Diluting Holy Water

Apparently there are rules to it?
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how christian books about art are censored

Christian College's Nudity Censorship Attempt Results In Hilarious Fails

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Beat It With Jesus

stop masturbation by beating it with jesus
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christianity daughter dating advice funny Video wtf - 69258753

This Guy Tells You How to Date His Daughter

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philosophy funny Video christianity - 69282049

Nietzche's Thoughts on Christianity

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Those Drunken Monks

Monks make some of the best beer
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There Are Grand Quotes, And Then There Are... Well...

quotes the bible timeless wisdom christianity - 4664315904
Created by Unknown

Nobody Caught His Fall From Grace

rock christianity - 7904201984
Created by potatoesyay

A Slight Clarification

jesus god christianity - 7600709888
Created by JBarco

Well, Which is It?

god drinking smoking christianity - 4971748096
Created by Unknown

Jesus Christ Supernova

christianity christians stars - 6618786048
Created by roberbaran

He Hit The Nail On The Head

christianity crucifix faith gay marriage gays homosexual LGBT religion tweet twitter - 6436879104
Created by wHoReY_MaNsEn ( Via Twitter )

Time to Rewrite the Ten Commandments

christianity faith fight club religion tweet twitter - 6376034048
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Why Churches Don't Use Electricity or Magnets

christianity church faith internet religion wi-fi - 6378729472
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Everyone's a Critic

christianity hell lady gaga Protest - 6292112384
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