Person accidentally drinks aquarium chemicals thinking it was flat soda | r/tifu Posted by u/atonalpotatoes 1 day ago 12 TIFU by drinking "flat soda" and accidentally probably poisoning myself. M First, some background. My partner always leaves little bit Coke Zero his can after drinking And this is totally gross, but love taste flat soda. So whenever clean up empty cans take last swig whatever is left over. Really disgusting get Nobody's perfect. This is my flaw. ANYWHO. This morning go do this

Flat Soda Fiend Accidentally Snarfs Poison

A few people messed up here.
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failure FAIL sprinkler navy military service chemicals jets mistake funny money - 7641605

Dude's Sprinkler Screw-Up Costs Navy 1.5 Million Dollars

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An Eruption of Anger and Elementary Science

cleaning facebook chemicals science - 8974605824
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Please, Please, Please Remember This

remember that everything is chemicals
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Thanks, Debbie Downer!

chemicals breathing asbestos - 6549266432
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Hooray for Chemicals

chemicals apples funny g rated School of FAIL - 7736957184
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Those Crazy Eyes

sci-show chemicals - 7442448384
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It'll Be Entertaining At Least...

radiation zombie chemicals superheroes - 7133722368

Chemistry in Real Life

chemicals science Chemistry dynamite - 7110403072
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chemicals failboat food g rated grocery store label - 4695704064
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