Family member wants everyone to buy a $30 chair to have a seat at Thanksgiving

'This is a mandatory family contribution!': Demanding family member tells guests to buy their own expensive Thanksgiving chair AND cover food costs

Would you attend this controversial family Thanksgiving meal?
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Chairs that are artistic, interesting and strange | clear orange inflated chair gummy bear shaped | chair made out of a shopping cart with wheels attached.

Strange and Interesting Chairs

Are you sitting down?
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A collection of chairs looking cool underwater.

Sexy Chairs Chilling Underwater

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Sad twitter racing trash garbage cars funny tweets funny chairs - 8269061

Talladega Superspeedway Thread Exposes The Cornucopia Of Crap People Leave Behind

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chairs talent Video win - 244231

Water Bottles Better Make Room at the Table for Chair Flpping

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chairs robots Office invention Video - 78206465

Are We So Lazy We Need 'Self-Parking' Chairs or are We Just Preparing For Our Robot Overlords?

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Advanced Upholstery

chairs duct tape - 6785784320
Created by Heliopolis

The Classic Double-Fakeout

gif chairs prank - 8031861248
Via Bits and Pieces

That's the Funniest Looking Chair I've Ever Seen!

chairs shoes sears - 7954401024
Created by fordps3

Traveling in Style

chairs there I fixed it - 7899743232
Via Pleated Jeans

Office Level: IT Guy

chairs IT guys monday thru friday g rated - 6599224832
Created by Unknown

Please Have a Seat

chairs there I fixed it - 7863284224
Created by Unknown

These Chairs Are Tubular

TMNT chairs nerdgasm hacked irl funny - 7841990656
Via Geeks Are Sexy

Where is Your Chaise Lounge Now?

chairs cute hacked irl funny - 7823043328
Created by Unknown

Cattle Gate

gates chairs funny there I fixed it - 7801719040
Created by Unknown

The Only Way to Make Those Hard Plastic Chairs Comfortable

chairs duct tape there I fixed it - 7783107584
Created by Unknown
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