funny airline staff descriptions

Honest Descriptions of Airline Staff Are As Enlightening As They Are Cynical

Every workplace has a story.
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anime digimon impression christopher walken lol cartoons funny - 107759361

Digimon Voice Actor Is Obviously Doing A Bad Christopher Walken

Most kids watching this wouldn't have realized at the time, but it's pretty glaringly obvious at this point that IceDevimon has more business demanding more cowbell than he has antagonizing cartoon children. Whoever greenlit this masterpiece is an absolute treasure.
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A funny and enlightening Tumblr post spotlights Ash Ketchum's insane strength.

Tumblr Thread: Pokémon's Ash Ketchum Is A Jacked Beast

Ash definitely lifts.
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humor google translate cartoons ridiculous the simpsons Video - 106594305

Steamed Hams Put Through Google Translate 10 Times Is Hilarious

Timeless comedy gold.
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funny quotes from weird sources tumblr

Tumblr Thread: Amazing Quotes from Ridiculous Sources

Sometimes the words just work.
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funny cake failures | Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast | Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants

Really Bad Cakes that Deserve to Be Destroyed

What are you?
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Interesting facts about the television show The Simpsons | Krusty Clown supposed be revealed be Homer Simpsons secret identity but idea dropped being too complex two clowns with green hair in purple shirts

Intriguing and Perfectly Cromulent Simpsons Facts

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A quick Tumblr thread of awesome dragon head drawings from a talented artist | iguanamouth ive been real sad last bunch days so drew some dragons except didnt want draw whole body so theyre just heads. theyre just heads Source: iguanamouth

Tumblr Thread: Dude Cheers World Up With Dragon Head Drawings

Dragon heads for the win.
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funny knockoff bootleg products | Supreme bag that actually spells the word Surprise | ordered baby Yoda and got this they set wrong Cryptid

Uncredible Off Brand and Bootleg Products

So close yet so far.
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South Park Satan explains brain chemical reactions

South Park Satan Explains Dopamine Response And Addictive Behavior

Stan learned something new.
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Tumblr Thread on Evil Penguin from Wallace and Gromit | plastic-tulips Follow FUCK did they make penguin wallace and gromit look so evil like 's literally just plasticine penguin but somehow radiates Pure Malice look at

Tumblr Thread: The Expressionless Penguin from Wallace and Gromit

Cold, calculating and evil.
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Tumblr thread investigates disappearance of Lyman, John's old roommate in Garfield | List Did hear Something happened kitchen! Chooalate Covered Denits Sown Coc BOnuts Bhueberny Muffins Chocolate Chip Muffins l ChaMe Donts popular 90s Garfield flash game Garfield's Spooky Scavenger Hunt which can find Lyman chained up basement as hidden eastern egg. He begs Garfield give him some muffins eat, then disappears after leave room and come back. Garfield Lore is pretty messed up dig around. mousathe14

Tumblr Thread: The Creepy Disappearance of Jon's Roommate in Garfield

They could have just dropped it but no.
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Tumblr thread recreates very small funny animation error in Scooby Doo | scoobydoomistakes Follow Probably Happened Bob animator Ok, so, there's gonna be broken piece sign says KL’ on Can draw Frank animator Yeah, sure s this look KL

Tumblr Thread: Recreating a Scooby Doo Inconsistency

Zoinks! An extremely small error!
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Footage of a fish tube system with Futurama music dubbed over it.

Fish Tube Fits Too Well Over Futurama Intro

Yes, it's Fisherama.
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Funny video of Speed Racer being a sociopath.

Speed Racer Being A Complete Sociopath

The only thing that matters is Speed.
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Funny low cost cosplay costumes | guy placing bananas over his head to mimic sailor moon's hairstyle bangs | person covers himself with yellow fabric and pretends to be fried fish

Low Cost Cosplay Making Fantasies Come True On A Budget

Now that's art.
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