Funny and Stupid Re-captioned WikiHow Images

Thanks to WikiHow and it's incredibly specific images, it's easy to find out how to do simple things like change a tire or make pancakes. These creative re-captionings took the source material and put it in a completely different light, to some wondrous results. For more silly re-captions, here are some antiques roadshow re-captions that are logically sound. And for some basically dumb but somehow clever jokes, here are some witty and stupid jokes that are technically correct.

Funny and goofy re-captioned wikihow images | illustration u/percygreen suck at counting body parts 3 feet wiki Do Split Jum | u/zikibug 96d redd S 3 Awards hide prized platinum ravioli 23.7k 168 1 Share Award condom inside a cutout book
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