my coworker showed me this email from her old employer and I asked her permission to post it.

Baker Discovers Her Boyfriend of 4+ Years Was Cheating, Bosses Don't Want Her Sadness Going Into the Cakes

We don't want customers to ingest sadness now, do we?
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A collection of awful cake fails that missed their mark by a whole lot.

Absolutely Delicious Cake Fails

So much yum.
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frustration FAIL annoying perfection construction cakes wrong buildings uncomfortable awful anxiety - 8336645

41 Slightly Ucnomfortable Images to Drive Every Pefrectionist Insane

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rules pictures FAIL ironic cakes instructions lol irony funny win - 8141573

14 Times People Followed Rules Way Too Well

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figure of speech twitter grammar FAIL signs words cakes facebook ignorant dumb spelling mistake funny correction - 6564869

15 Spelling Disasters That Will Give Your Face a Good Palming

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Always Double Check Your Cakes

kids cakes parenting - 7370214656
Created by rriss13

These Life-Size Daleks Are Actually Wedding Cakes. Seriously.

dalek baking doctor who cakes nerdgasm - 7951994368
Via That's Nerdalicious

What's Wrong With the Cake, Kids?

thanksgiving cakes parenting - 7924062208
Via Eat Liver

Always Spellcheck Your Kids' Cakes

kids cakes misspellings parenting - 7904200704
design cakes food funny Video - 54663937

This Cake is Also an Animation Tool!

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Taste the Layers of Jupiter!

jupiter cakes science food funny space - 7703974144
Created by Unknown

(PS, No I'm Not)

dads birthdays cakes funny parenting - 7628569344

Dads are Everyday Heroes

dads nice save cakes funny - 7561768960
Created by Unknown

This is MY Cake!

Babies knives cakes - 7085691136
Created by Unknown

Coming Out With a Cake

coming out cakes - 7016518656
Created by Unknown

I'm Wicked Good at Math

cakes teacher math - 6973126912
Created by Unknown
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