'It calls for sage, not sausage': 20 Bakers who got inventive with their recipe substitutions

'It calls for sage, not sausage': 20 Bakers who got too inventive with their recipe substitutions and ruined their own meals

Have you ever wanted to bake a carrot cake , but you don't have any carrots on hand? One person replied to a carrot cake recipe writing that she'd given kale a try instead. Do you want to guess the results? I'll tell you: it did not taste good. Recipe substitutions are understandable. Sometimes you're halfway through the dish, and you realize that eggs or olive oil aren't in your house. You went to the store, and the ingredients just slipped your mind. And now, you're covered in flour and the o…
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Ambitious Fan Attempts to Decorate a Cake in Honor of Drake's Album, But the Results Are Haunting AF

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my coworker showed me this email from her old employer and I asked her permission to post it.

Baker Discovers Her Boyfriend of 4+ Years Was Cheating, Bosses Don't Want Her Sadness Going Into the Cakes

We don't want customers to ingest sadness now, do we?
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A collection of awful cake fails that missed their mark by a whole lot.

Absolutely Delicious Cake Fails

So much yum.
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41 Slightly Ucnomfortable Images to Drive Every Pefrectionist Insane

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14 Times People Followed Rules Way Too Well

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15 Spelling Disasters That Will Give Your Face a Good Palming

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Always Double Check Your Cakes

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Created by rriss13

These Life-Size Daleks Are Actually Wedding Cakes. Seriously.

dalek baking doctor who cakes nerdgasm - 7951994368
Via That's Nerdalicious

What's Wrong With the Cake, Kids?

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Via Eat Liver

Always Spellcheck Your Kids' Cakes

kids cakes misspellings parenting - 7904200704
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design cakes food funny Video - 54663937

This Cake is Also an Animation Tool!

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Taste the Layers of Jupiter!

jupiter cakes science food funny space - 7703974144

(PS, No I'm Not)

dads birthdays cakes funny parenting - 7628569344

Dads are Everyday Heroes

dads nice save cakes funny - 7561768960

This is MY Cake!

Babies knives cakes - 7085691136
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