Tumblr thread suggests that the color magenta does not exist | inkwingart This is magenta, and not pink. Unlike pink, magenta doesn't actually exist. Our brain just invents magenta serve as considers logical bridge between red and violet, which each exist at opposite ends linear spectrum. TL;DR this color is fake (and also hate )

Tumblr Thread: Magenta Isn't A Real Color

So apparently some colors are impossible.
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Twitter thread points out how trippy our brains are | foone @Foone want know something about bullshit insane our brains are? OK, so there's physical problem with our eyes move them short fast bursts called saccades right? very quick, synchronized movements only problem is: they go all blurry and useless during this

Twitter Thread: Our Brains Are Absolutely Bonkers

Yay, weird brain stuff.
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People describe various psychological studies that turned up interesting results | AverageJames23 1y Not psychologist, but one where given choice between sitting down doing nothing and shocking oneself, people tend choose shock. Ergo would choose pain over boredom.

Psychology Experiments With Fascinating Results

Our brains trip out way more than they're credited for.
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Hide Your Grapefruit Spoons

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This Incredible Opera Singer Sings His Way Through Brain Surgery Beautifully

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Well, Then I Am Not Doing a Very Good Job

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I Don't Remember That Being Edible?

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The Brain is a Mythical Beast, Like a Unicorn

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Emoji And Our Brains

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The Corpus Callosum is a Woman's Most Beautiful Organ

brains sexy times men vs women - 8091120640
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Facebook Suggestions Finally do Some Good in the World

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I Hear Aristotle Was a Huge Fan of the Puns

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Jelly Fish Are Wicked Old

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Scientists Now Believe We Sleep to Clean Our Brains

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Drink Braaaains!

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