Oh Nien He Didn't!

Awkward blonde hitler - 5797437952
Created by Carolyn

Justin Bieber in 30 Years

blonde wig - 4994929920
Created by Unknown

Unicorn Tracks, Emma.

blonde facepalm joke stupid - 4896783872
Created by Unknown

Yearbook Quote FAIL

blonde failboat g rated high school irony kids poll yearbook - 4842303232
See all captions Created by Unknown

Six of One, Half-Dozen of the Other

blonde facepalm pizza stupid - 4755013376
Created by Unknown

Four Blondes

blonde facepalm joke - 4579364352
Created by Unknown

Lisa Simpson M.D.

blonde costume leggings nurse purse wig - 4528620800
Created by Unknown

Johnny Bravo

asian blonde hair johnny bravo photoshop - 4508321792
Created by twizzt3d

Blonde Voyage!

blonde facepalm stupid your friends are laughing at you - 4413121536
Created by Unknown
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