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Funny metal music memes | Rob Zombie is just Hot Topic Randy Savage.  death metal fans thrash metal fans Doom metal fans Black Sabbath kicks ass.

Brutal Metal Memes That Were Maiden The Fires of Hell

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A Man Can Dream

black sabbath Cats - 7138140160
By Unknown

Tommy Iommi Does More With 6 Strings and 6 Fingers Than Most Guitarists Today Do With 7 Strings and 8 Fingers

black sabbath guitars - 7079789312
By Unknown

I'll Bet He Wears Boots...

Guitar Hero black sabbath Ozzy Osbourne - 7069704448
By Unknown

You Have Defaced a Masterpiece!

black sabbath album covers Rage Comics - 7055493120
By lsiwik


black sabbath t shirts iron man Ozzy Osbourne - 6993732352
By Unknown

Game Changer

black sabbath Music FAILS g rated - 6818510080
By Unknown


black sabbath Xzibit - 6696437760
By Unknown

Clowns Wear Boots and You Gotta Believe Me

black sabbath McDonald's - 6582728448
By Unknown

Only 19th Century Kids Will Remember This

50 cent black sabbath history justin bieber mozart Ozzy Osbourne - 6411164928
By Unknown

Don't Throw It Away!

black sabbath - 6403094784
By Unknown

Sometimes You CAN Improve on the Original

black sabbath dio metal Ozzy Osbourne troll - 6387085312
By urkelbot666


black sabbath horse metal slayer - 6379333632
By Unknown

The Color Bands

black sabbath Blue Oyster Cult deep purple green day king crimson pink floyd white stripes - 6295201536
Via Reddit

Finally an Answer to Those Iron Man vs. Batman Debates

batman black sabbath metal Ozzy Osbourne - 6258611968
By GalderGollum

Everyone Who Rhymes and Is White Must Be Eminem

black sabbath eminem facebook lyrics rock - 6198097408
By dylankunaikennedy
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