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Woman lies about her birth control use so that her partner will use a condom.

Woman Lies About Birth Control Use So That Partner Will Use A Condom

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Brewers Pitcher Brazenly Mansplains Birth Control to Jessica Chastain on Twitter, Successfully Triggers Pack of Ravenous Trolls

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A Little Baby Weight

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Birth Control Around The World

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Play it Safe

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Some Incredible Birth Control

just put a cork in it.
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Beware the Dangers of Birth Control

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With the Right Combo You'll Never Get Pregnant

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That Rhyme Got Serious Fast

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Simple, but the Logic Checks Out

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Better Than Abstinence!

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That'd Do It

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Glad We Cleared That Up

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Overly Attached Girlfriend?

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You Know, You've Got a Point There...

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Dating Fails: There's This Awesome Thing They Have Called "Contraception"

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