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mistaking the onion articles for new news

10 Dorks Who Took the Onion Seriously

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Birthday Quotes

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Bill Cosby's Perp Walk Set to the Cosby Theme

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Time to Reevaluate Your Influences

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He Who Casts Stones

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Those Are Nowhere Near the Same Thing, Entertainment Weekly

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Bad Advice of the Day: Don Lemon Suggests Cosby Assault Victim Should Have Used Teeth

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It Comes Pre-Stained With Pudding

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Classic Wisdom From Mr. Cosby

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Bill Cosby Figured it Out: Chess Isn't About War

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Zip Zap Zoobity Candle!

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Parents vs. Grandparents

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He's Got Quite a Hero

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Bill Cosby Dancing

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We Can't All Sound Like James Earl Jones

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Throwback Trigonometry

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