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'My stuff was more precious to me than her dignity': Girl steals $12,000 worth of watches and jewelry from her cousin's bedroom, gets caught in the act then offended when he goes through her bag

When a family member becomes financially successful and is moving forward in life, why is it that hangers-on and fringe members of the family feel entitled to a piece of their success? Your cousin may be buying fancy jewelry and accessories with their new-found cash, but that certainly doesn't entitle you to a piece of their diamond encrusted pie.
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'You burned a bridge': Man would rather catch up on sleep than babysit his nephew, meanwhile the boy's aunt undergoes treatment in the ICU after a potentially fatal car accident

Some people would do pretty much anything for their family. As Dominic Toretto always said, :The most important thing in life will always be family". Well, for one Redditor, the most important thing in his life, is sleep. And apparently nothing in this world could threatened to deprive him of his 8 hours– not even the near d3ath experience of a family member.
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