cat staring at bananas tumblr thread | matzahball bought bunch bananas and l've caught Cleo staring at them every day since

Quick Tumblr Thread On Banana-Fixated Cat

It's just one of those weird things.
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Grandpa hates banana bread, but proceeds to eat it for years out of love | theguilteaparty So my mom told story Growing up, my mom and her siblings would make banana bread every week. Literally every week since first one them learned make they started making banana bread- lo and behold though, they liked with walnuts and they all knew their dad hated walnuts.

Tumblr Story: Grandpa Despises Banana Bread, Eats It For Years Out Of Love

Grandpa loves banana bread, but not actually.
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pics FAIL paint bananas glasses ice cream eyelashes firetruck toilets - 5524485

21 Disappointing Failures Ranging From "Ah Man" to "Dear God"

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bananas failbook facebook - 901893

The 'Banana Bunker' Continues to Be the Greatest Item on Groupon and Facebook Agrees

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These Exceptional Amazon Reviews For The Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer Will Make Your Day

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I'd Prefer Banana Fats

friends with benefits text bananas funny - 8348983296
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Potassium Levels Are Through the Roof!

bananas dragonball z goku - 8124305920
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Delicious Bananas And Their Human Cousins

dogs bananas humans funny - 8114683392
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Just Make Cupcakes Next Time

bananas food parenting - 8029900288
By Unknown

Saying "Individual" the Fancy Way

bananas g rated - 8015651328
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Just a Lonely Banana in a Big Scary World

bananas forever alone single - 7991171584
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Uhh... Cucumbers? No, That Ain't Right...

bananas food groceries - 7974150656
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Ready to Mingle, Baby!

bananas groceries - 7928229376
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Your Owner Is Bananas

bananas monkey clothes funny - 7749533952
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You'll Never Make Your Girlfriend Mad Again After Seeing This Picture

nope bananas relationships dating - 7788164608
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scary bananas science funny - 52645377

Bananas Are Horrifying

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