bad luck

A collection of fails from people that are struggling extra hard | key breaking inside the door lock | sandwich and bottle of drink stuck against the glass in a vending machine

Unfortunate Fails Hatched From Moments Of Pure Bad Luck

Some days just suck.
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couple kissing on top of other guy's shoulders and owl getting sprayed with water

32 People and Things Having a Real Hard Time

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spiders pics bad sucks images jet disaster landslide fire cars ruined magnets spill dumb idiots bad luck crash laptop - 6990597

19 Times the Universe Made Sure People Had a Bad Day

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cursed pics

14 Cursed People Having A WAY Worse Day Than You

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The Glow of Hitting a home Run is Out After You Realize It Smashed Your Windshield

funny fail video baseball player hits home run that smashes his own windshield
Via Gateway Grizzlies Baseball

That Takes Some Serious Luck

bad luck phone whoops - 8416661760
Via nottinylil

Ever Get the Feeling That the Universe Just Hates You?

bad luck keys locked out failbook - 7952145664
Created by Unknown

Well That's Something to Look Forward To

fortune cookie fapping bad luck - 7158527488
Created by Unknown

I'm Very Experienced Here, Trust Me

bad luck friendzoned - 6567464704
Created by CapSkywalker2552 ( Via Questionable Content )

I Knew I Messed Up Somehow!

bad luck - 6359413504
Created by Unknown

Shattered Dreams

bad luck mirror oh snap your friends are laughing at you - 5599934720
Created by devilpanda

Sideshow Bob Tryouts FAIL

bad luck gifs Hall of Fame stupidity - 5424328704
Created by Unknown