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People are trolling Avril Lavigne on Twitter about how she's dead, while she's not.

People Are Trolling the Hell out of Avril Lavigne on Twitter With Conspiracy Theories About Her Being Dead

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Avril Lavigne is Fed Up with People Bashing Nickelback

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You Can't Polish a Turd

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The Best Reason for Divorce

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Takin It For The Team

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VIDEO: Here's To Never Breaking Up (Avril Lavigne Parody)

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Some People Think That's All it Takes

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In Honor of Avril and Chad's Recent Wedding...

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Good Girl Avril

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Good to See The Music Industry Caring About Women

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If You Can't Be With the One You Love...

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Hollywood's Newest Power Couple: Chavril

avril lavigne chavril nickelback - 6565316864

Dating Fails: Worst. Wedding. Ever.

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Music FAILS: The Proof is in the Pudding...

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Music FAILS: Rebel Rebel

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