people who didn't secure their car's load properly

36 People Who Need To Learn How To Secure Their Load

Get off the road.
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Guy proceeds to get educated on car safety and physics.

Guy Proceeds To Get Schooled On Car Safety And Physics

It's never too late to learn something new.
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satisfying karma video dodging a scammer

Woman Dodges Classic Car Flipper Scam By Bringing Mechanic Friend

Nice try, but not today.
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truck driver cool stunt impressive

Truck Driver Quick Shifts Semi Truck Flawlessly

She's got mad skills.
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guy catches car rolling down driveway and stops it

Guy Fails To Set Parking Break, Catches Car Rolling Down Driveway

Good save.
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volvo swedish truck emergency braking

Swedish Engineering At Its Finest

Dang, that was close.
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custom car horns funny driving video cool

Man Creates Car Horn For Special Occasions

Clearly a genius.
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A collection of images showing people being dumb in cars | These people deserve be flung into sun | two cars blocking a road traffic light

People Being Dumb Dumbs In Cars

We share roads with these people.
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People's craziest stunts during test drives | Black_Cat_5 5y Friend's story customer took Mazda sedan test drive and midway pulled over and asked swap with salesman experience car passenger seat. Just as they were about drive off again he says he feels sick and can't go on, and thanks his time. Turns out he just wanted lift into town. 4.8k

Craziest Stunts Customers Pulled During Test Drives

Car salesmen deal with some absurd individuals.
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cool train tank engine log hauler

Steam Powered Lombard Log Hauler Is Pure Madness

Feels like I went sideways in time.
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A collection of very cool steering wheels.

Spectacularly Unexpected Steering Wheels

All about that Oldsmobile.
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washing a car for the first time in 32 years secret car collection

Man Given Access To Insane Car Collection Not Seen In 40 Years

Now it's time to drive those cars.
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A collection of times that large trucks were absolute failures | BEKINS truck stuck under a concrete bridge after attempting to drive under it

Times Large Trucks Were Absolute Failures

Some of these boggle the mind.
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driver reviews car that he hates

Reviewer Absolutely Despises Car

Best review ever.
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Twitter users share their biggest driving fails.

20 Twitter Users Share Their Biggest Car Fails

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automobile cars redneck ridiculous funny - 98670337

Redneck Uses Baseball Bat To Perform Quick Fix On A Truck

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