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25 Outrageous Autocorrect Fails to make you LOL | Cheezburger

When our phones just don't work for us.
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Autocorrect ends up inspiring a movie idea along with a bunch of puns | tweet by ChrisHewitt Autocorrect just changed Jesus Christ Jesus Heist and now, if excuse have go off write biggest movie 2021.

Autocorrect Sparks Film Idea And Tons Of Puns

All the makings of one truly absurd movie right here.
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Collection of autocorrect fails between people that got bested by technology.

40 Texting Fails From People Losing The War Against Technology

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Save the Probes for the Second Date

phones autocorrect spelling funny - 7591437568
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autocorrect FAIL phone texting funny - 1070853

20 Times Someone's Phone Autocorrected Itself Into an Oblivion of FAIL

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The Emoji Says It All

dads autocorrect parenting texting - 8822013952
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AutoCorrect Will Get Me Laid One Day...

naked autocorrect texting - 8818857984
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Someone Needs a Better Goalie Protecting Their Autocorrects

autocorrect failbook porn facebook - 8818819072
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Marriage is Drunk Autocorrect Until Death Do You Party

autocorrect dating marriage spelling text - 8796894976
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The Twats Are Flowing...

autocorrect failbook comment - 8793178624
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An Unfortunate Accurate Autocorrect

autocorrect text butts - 8606174720
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Every Ducking Time

web comics autocorrect Every Ducking Time
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Keeping Yourself Open To Trying New things

autocorrect food - 8571151616

It Is A Job!

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Mmm Kentucky Fried Children

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