malicious compliance Horrible Bosses army - 15838981

New Army Captain Forces Armorer to Sign and Comply to Illegal Order, He Signs the Order As “Under Duress” and Ends Her Entire Career

This armorer sticks to his guns.
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cool abandoned military tank army win - 16014341

Abandoned Machines of Death and Destruction That Are Kinda Cool

This collection of abandoned killing machines is a pretty fascinating scroll.
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Sergeant doesn't believe bug bite story, gets malicious compliance

Sergeant Doesn't Believe Military Doctor's Orders, Gets Proven Wrong

Oh cool, gross.
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angry boss tries to pick fight with U.S. army and doesn't succeed

Boss Tries To Take Priority Over Army, Doesn't Succeed

It's important to know which battles to pick.
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Teacher's wholesome moment with a moody student comes full circle | Story time Back 14-15 school year teaching science Orange at challenging year as middle school is generally pretty terrible everyone involved had one period honors students filled with pretty bright spectrum students. There one girl who sat front and filled with typical middle school angst. Always had her black hoodie on and up, with her sleeves past her hands; and hair front her face. She quiet and kept herself.

Teacher's Emotional Moment With Moody Student Comes Full Circle

Get ready for a feels trip.
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A collection of the funniest things that drill sergeants ever heard recruits say.

AskReddit Thread: Funniest Things That Recruits Ever Said

All the pressure can get to some people.
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surprised military ridiculous army reaction funny Video tiktok - 2169862

Man Gets Caught Sleeping While On Duty

Woke up to a real life bad dream.
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Guy lies about being a marine and then gets catfished back by the person he texted | Hey are Sorry who is this 's Justin Justin marine met awhile back Sorry can send picture or something ?1 really don't remember

Guy Lies About Being Marine, Gets Catfished Back

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Man tells his girlfriend to stop making TikToks about their relationship | AITA telling my girlfriend she needs stop making Tiktoks as they're so embarrassing? Not hole currently deployed and if unaware TikTok has ridiculous amount military users, its so fucking cringe swear Tiktok is like 90% cringy edgy preteens and teens, military, and creepy old men talking preteens. Anyways my girlfriend makes lot tiktoks about much she misses and about army girlfriend stuff. She'll post stuff like #armygf

Man Tells Girlfriend To Stop Making TikToks About Them

Sounds just a little cringe.
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US South Korea marine dance off

US Marines Have Dance Off With South Korean Marines

This was awesome.
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A soldier accidentally microwaves Chef Boyardee on an active military base | r/tifu Join u/RoemerRanch 1y 1 TIFU by microwaving chef boyardee on an active military base As with most things this happened last week currently deployed middle east got off work little later than expected and missed galley hours so stopped at mini mart on base grab some food. They have decent selection mostly just typical gas station food. So some guys grab cold

Soldier's Microwave Mishap Creates Chaos

A solid brain fart.
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Army overpays a soldier, and the soldier has to pay them back and mop the floors | r/tifu u/[deleted 1y JOIN TIFU by chuckling away being overpaid. Obligatory "this concluded today been working Uncle Sam about 7 years now severely desensitized government fuckups and one day received letter DFAS guys who actually pay us overpaid two whole cents.

Army Overpays Soldier, Soldier Overpays Them Back, Has To Mop Floors

That just sucks.
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A collection of images showing various military members being weird | six men in casual military clothes filmed at the right moment looking like they're riding flying brooms

Military Being Hilariously Weird

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Service members share their worst military wife stories on an AskReddit thread | tobiasfunke6398 3d Got back an 8th month deployment. Buddies wife six months pregnant

Service Members Share Their Worst Military Wife Stories

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military marines ridiculous army funny - 100320257

Sarge's Reactions To Marine Corps Questions Are Comedy Gold

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People that served in the U.S. military share some of the creepiest, most paranormal stuff they encountered during service.

People In The U.S. Military Share The Creepiest Things They Encountered

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