funny test answers from students

Bold Test Answers That Delivered Mixed Results

Partial credit?
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stupid yahoo answers questions

Dumb Moments from the Disappearing World of Yahoo Answers

Farewell, Yahoo Answers.
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Groupon asks suggestive questions about the Banana Bunker | Groupon 11 hours ago O contractually obligated let know every time Banana Bunker is featured on our site | YOSHO Ken know looks like dont haha. 1 hour ago Like 6 16 Reply Groupon G Like sound investment, Ken! 53 minutes ago Like 6 202

Banana Bunker Inspires Questions, Groupon Commits to the Bit

What a fine product.
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askreddit answers that surprised us

8 Times AskReddit Answers Left Us Surprised

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amusing moments that are technically correct

27 Dumb and Amusing Moments That Are Technically Right

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insane crazy answers sex ex girlfriend relationships lol Party ridiculous story breakup funny college - 7627013

Dude Tells His Craziest Post-Breakup Story with Unforgettable Ex

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wheel of fortune jokes

38 Hilarious Times Wheel of Fortune Answers Found the Solution to Our Boredom

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funny answers to questions on yahoo answers

12 Times Yahoo Answers Solved Our Boredom

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She Would Have Been Happy With a 66.6%

answers school parenting grades devil - 8985298432
Created by Unknown

The Answers, My Teacher, Are Blowing in the Wind

answers wind - 7031152128
Created by Unknown

Well Played, Student

answers students test funny - 8395065600
Via Ceslek
answers science funny Video - 65939713

Some Answers to Common Questions

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This Kid Killed This Pokémon Related Question

answers Pokémon school g rated - 7899540224
Via kdusie1

Feynman Knew How to Live Well

answers science funny richard feynman - 7737008128
Created by Unknown

Sometimes You Just Don't Know

answers nope math g rated School of FAIL - 7416141312
Via Lone Forest Fox

Never a Good Sign

answers scary wrong test - 7113921024
Via Steph K Sc
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