Tumblr users band together to illustrate how creepy angels look | do angels actually look like per bible? anonymous Well, according Ezekiel 1 they might look something like this | Basically people writing Scripture tried describe they saw they saw an angel they run into end their imagination they can never quite seem fully explain because they had trouble even comprehending they saw, let alone being able describe someone else. revelation19

Tumblr Users Illustrate Terrifying Angels Using Historical Imagery

Nothing angelic about those appearances.
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Angels and demons bond with each other over sandwiches in creative Tumblr story | writing-prompt-s While putting favorite condiment on sandwich accidentally make magical occult symbol and summon demon teawitch silently take two more slices bread out package and make another sandwich put on plate with handful potato chips and hand demon. He takes sandwich, smiles and vanishes puff demonic smoke next day get job promotion were after. There no contract. No words spoken owe nothing. But every now an

Tumblr Thread: Angels And Demons Bond Over Sandwiches

Sandwiches bring everyone together.
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Tumblr thread imagines what angels look like | S -mighty-birdy Anonymous asked do angels actually look like per bible? revelation19 answered: Well, according Ezekiel 1 they might look something like this

Tumblr Thread: Angels Are Benevolent Lovecraftian Monsters

Maybe they were just aliens.
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It's Not How Many Times You Fall, It's How Many Times You Get a Stupid Tattoo

angels tattoos with tattoos words - 5395500032
By Dr.Regret

Angels & Demons

angels demons lat tat - 6892331008
By Unknown


logos angels tattoos funny - 7492136192
By Unknown

Is That a Donut on Your Head, Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

bad angels tattoos - 4290294528
By rott2chi

Angel of Mercy

bad guns wtf angels tattoos - 4367603456
By GOWchic5115

A Well Diapered Angel

angels tattoos funny - 4391938816
By Chrissy

Proportions And Perspective is Hard

bad angels tattoos funny - 4410431488
By Unknown

Lopsided Angel Baby

Babies angels tattoos funny - 7874176512
By Brandy

Never Forget Leg Day!

angels tattoos legs funny - 7842631424
By Anon

My Angel's Can Goes Faster Than Your Angel's Can

text angels tattoos funny - 7828325888
By beernbiccies

Ugliest Angel Tattoo

angels tattoos funny - 7728731904
By Tina

Touched By An Angel

wtf angels goats tattoos funny - 4551309568
By Unknown

Did You Get This From Google Translate?

text angels tattoos funny - 7688215296
By Unknown
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