Cop car blocks ambulence, so the sergeant gets him towed | r/pettyrevenge Posted by u/ZZZ-Top 1 day ago Wont move patrol car let ambulance out, ill let sergeant deal with This happened around 4th July, there small fender bender and emergency services get called out. My towing company sends out by accident not realizing flatbed at scene could tow both vehicles. There one ambulance and 5 police cruisers 3 cruisers blocking road, 1 directing traffic and then asshole who showed up after scene secure

Cop Blocks Ambulance, Sergeant Gets Him Towed

Lessons were learned.
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emergency road rage ambulance ridiculous funny Video - 99145985

EMT Responding To Emergency Gets Mad At Driver On The Shoulder

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Ambulance Gets T-Boned Hard Going Through an Intersection

Ambulance Gets T-Boned Hard Going Through an Intersection

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Dyweal Wyth It

a&e ambulance drinking and driving a&e a&e - 6519541504
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Breathing Life Back Into Your Party

the party medics
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This Can't Be a Good Thing for an Ambulance to Do

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What Exactly Does it Do?

Does it save people from party fouls?
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Guinness Keeps Them in Business

ambulance guinness funny wtf - 8326029568
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Quick, Somebody Call the...

cars ambulance spelling fail nation g rated - 8087094016
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This Needs to Be a Public Service

beer awesome ambulance funny after 12 g rated - 7993757696
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The Ultimate in Health Care

beer ambulance funny - 7907629056
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Even the Ambulance Needs Help Sometimes

ambulance irony funny - 7870615552
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On the Way to the Hospital. Text It!

hospital car accident ambulance failbook g rated - 7518379008
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Puns to the Rescue!

vin diesel puns cars ambulance funny - 7433218304
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Isn't There a Number You Can Call?

911 emergency hospital ambulance - 6991651328
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Oh, Now I See

vision ambulance - 6841034752
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