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Awesome Facts About the Movie 'Alien'

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What an Amateur!

pregnancy alien - 7316649216

I Don't Have All The Answers But...

ancient aliens dvd lincoln
Via Bits And Pieces

Bishop Just LOVES Ice Cream. Right. Ice Cream...

Aliens nerdgasm alien sexy times - 8463438592
By JCCStarguy

For Travelers... from Outerspace

alien Travel - 7753044224
By anselmbe

Don't Look Up!

art Giger nerdgasm alien funny - 7625754624
Via Orange

The LEGO Cycle of Alien Life Begins!

lego nerdgasm alien funny g rated win - 7495507712
Via Carlos Valero

Necklace WIN

necklace nerdgasm alien - 7443392512
Via Etsy

I Watched Alien: Resurrection Last Night...

Barbie alien parenting funny - 7436026624
By Unknown

Recognize Anything?

alien totally looks like hidden - 7075541248
By Unknown

Ice (Alien) Queen WIN

sculpture nerdgasm alien ice - 7061779200
Via Obvious Winner

What's REALLY Going on With the Kardashian/West Baby

pregnancy Street Art alien kim kardashian kanye west hacked irl - 7035769088
By Unknown

Why Did The Alien Cross the Road?

Street Art art alien graffiti - 6953212416
By Unknown

Hobbit Hilarity

jaws alien The Hobbit - 6919640320
By Jack

She's a Maneater

alien high heels - 6878742016
By Unknown

Hugger Attack WIN

scifi nerdgasm alien Cats Hall of Fame best of week - 6760957696
Via Polish that Turd!
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