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'Smells like broccoli, sweat, and Funyuns in here!': Couple gets revenge on rowdy neighbors by throwing anchovies in their AC

Something's fishy
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Don't try to give my mom onions

'You don't know if she was a Karen? Seriously?': Woman shares her Karen mother's self-centered restaurant antics

“Don't try to give my mom onions,” warned u/OceanPoet13, before sharing a few funny stories of her mother's “Karen-esqe” antics at restaurants. In a post to r/F***YouKaren, the user wondered if her late mother was actually a Karen or not! She relayed a few stories that happened due to the OP's mother trying to guilt people. As the OP shared, her mother decided one day that she didn't just dislike onions, she was allergic to them now. She was certainly not shy about sharing her newfound allergy…
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Important boss demands AC turned off in summer

"Very Important" Man Demands AC Turned Off In Mid Summer

If you say so, sir.
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When Those Florida Seasons Are Just Getting Hotter, Staying Cool is Better Than Looking Cool

funny fail image there i fixed it car with extra air conditioner
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air conditioning dangerous summer Video - 74003969

Summer is Almost Over, But Some Procrastinator's Still Need to Install Their Air Conditioners

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That's One Big Blind Spot You've Got There Now

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Are You an Air ConditioNerd?

ac air conditioning binder window-ac - 6398963968
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Cutting a Circular Hole in the Glass? Nah!

air conditioning plastic bottle recycling suction tube - 6630790656
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servers Finland air conditioning - 45411329

Now That's How You Cool Servers!

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This A/C Unit Has Found Its Niche

ac a/c unit ac unit air conditioning - 6533962752
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What Does Their Improvised Heater Look Like?

monday thru friday fan air conditioning there I fixed it - 8372111360
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What Sign Should Someone Post Next?

monday thru friday sign air conditioning g rated - 8319205888
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When You Need AC, You Go to Great Lengths

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Natural Selection at Work

summer Darwin air conditioning - 8277905664
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Your Family and Roommates Will Love This too!

summer gross au naturale air conditioning - 8250106880
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Monty Pyton and the Quest for the Holy Room Temperature

summer monty python air conditioning g rated win - 8233291520
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