Tumblr thread explains statistics

Tumblr Thread on Statistics Is a Necessary Dumbness Test

What is 100% really?
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rare events and unlikely moments | coincidences, five below neon sign with some letters not lighting up sot it spells v b low. woman in a striped shirt matching perfectly with a mug.

Unlikely Occurrences and Rare Moments

So many things happen all the time, it's likely that something unlikely will happen!
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Funny and relatable graphs and charts

Guy Makes Graphs and Charts about The Relatable Things In Life

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Pictures of unlikely and lucky things occurring.

Unlikely Events Ranging from Mild to Incredible

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Unlikely Moments Against All Odds

32 Amazingly Unlikely Moments That Went Against All Odds

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unlikely things that happened

18 Crazily Unlikely Occurrences People Had Happen to Them

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cover image of the world map and Superbowl wins

39 Terrible Maps That Idiots Won't Find Funny But Dumbasses Will Find Hilarious

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funny design fails

18 Failed Designs That Could Use Some Work

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technology poverty literacy crayons health science win Statistics - 5128197

30 Statistics Showing We Win at Life Now More than Any Other Time

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Good News!

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Do Your Kids Fit These Stats?

kids sibling rivalry siblings parenting Statistics - 8437862656
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facebook numbers Video Statistics - 71466497

Facebook by the Numbers. Very, Very Large Numbers.

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All That's Different is the Spandex

lady bits nerdgasm bewbs comic Statistics - 8013693440
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A True Tale of Woe

tom and mary in statistics class
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The Numbers Don't Lie...

no no tubes sexy times funny Statistics - 8407941376
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At Least Your Kid is Good With Numbers

kids dad jokes parenting facebook Statistics g rated - 8376840960
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